Taking the RISK out of Risk and Capital Modelling

Welcome to our Capital Modelling series.

These are challenging times for insurers, as they seek to optimise capital against a backdrop of low investment income, regulatory pressures and COVID-19 liabilities. 

By introducing capital modelling as a piece of armoury, our 2021 Capital Modelling webinar series aims to inspire CFOs, CROs, actuaries and analysts to use data to make more informed and better decisions that will drive growth.
CFO Perspective: How Does Number-Crunching Inform Capital Growth Strategies?
Who should watch: Global CFOs with goals to grow or optimise capital; actuaries and analysts wanting to support the C-Suite more strategically.
How do you marry growth with the capital you may or may not have in a low interest rate environment? Aon’s Capital Advisory team guides re/insurer CFOs on how to not just optimise your capital mix but understand whether your capital and resources are in the right places – identifying the most effective vehicles to access capital in line with your risk appetite and growth strategy. 

We’ll explore how these strategies can be presented to boards and reveal the analytical techniques behind the scenes to transform detailed capital analysis into qualitative advice. This will help CFOs understand the magic behind the numbers and enable analysts to understand what their board is hoping to achieve through their capital modelling. 
Everything You Needed To Know About Capital Modelling But Were Afraid To Ask
Who should watch: Actuaries and analysts looking to set up or reinvigorate their capital modelling capabilities.
Are you looking to set up or invigorate your capital modelling capabilities?

As insurers identify ways to grow through capital constraints, the role of the actuary is critical to inform these strategies. But how does capital modelling help you to make informed decisions for growth according to your risk appetite? In this webinar, we go back to basics by defining capital modelling and its benefits, before Aon’s ReMetrica team outlines five key tips to start from scratch and highlights best practices with a demonstration and real-life case studies. 
Achieve the Utopia of Capital Modelling
Who should watch: Capital modelling experts looking for a fresh perspective on best practices.
The world of capital modelling is rapidly changing - are you up to date?

You may have already found your groove with capital modelling and are reaping the benefits. But are you taking advantage of automatically and dynamically created models that are easy to customise but which still provide the flexibility required by changing business environments?  This is critical when you need to quickly respond to business needs – such as changes to business lines – without having to update modelling templates.

In this webinar, we reveal top tips to rejuvenate your capital models with integrated data sources, version control and team working capabilities plus the scalable benefits of the cloud.